“Back to the future”- Assistance for students who are not regulary attending school


The main concern of this project is to take on young people of the age between 12 and 18, who are supposed to attend school but do not because they cannot be schooled in a conventional school, for a limited time. Following the time spend within this project the students will return to their former schools or other schools.

Our goal is to strengthen the participants’ personality, since the term school often has a negative connotation for them. Furthermore they are going to gain new experiences in applied work and in the educational field. Intense counseling fosters the ability to perform and makes working on perspectives for the future possible.

The participants are being provided with spaces and possibilities in which they can further develop their skills in a secure environment. They are being integrated in a team and execute jobs under competent supervision. Furthermore, the participants are being socio-educationally looked after and supported in their individual situation in life. In the field of education they are offered individually matched courses, aiming at awakening their joy in studying and making the way back to their school easier.

Services to be offered
• Participation in current workshop- projects of the association
• Training correct behavior in the workshop (safety, cleanliness, tidiness, etc.)
• Participation in the educational services offered
• Teaching of key skils
• Teaching of basic virtues (punctuality, civility, etc.)
• Intermediation of individual problems
• Intense work orientation (weekly visitation of businesses, placing in practical courses in a business)
• Crisis intervention
• Socio- educational care in the form of single work and group work
• Sports programs
• Experience-based educational offers

Target Group
Our target group is adolescence of school age (12-18)
• Students that rarely or never go to school
• Students that go to school but have little or no motivation to go
• Students that disturb class through their behavior and students who have been expelled from their school

Terms of Participation
This project is affiliated with the Werkrealschule Mitte- Süd (Hebel- Schule) and is open for all students of the schools that are being carried by the city of Kehl. The basis for admission into the project is that the student does so voluntarily and it is decided at the round table that is called by headmaster Büchele at the request of the responsible school. The duration of the provision is to be discussed individually by all involved parties (headmasters, teachers, social worker of the school, KSD and Riverside Kustomz e.V.).

The Team
Birgit Kehrer (Teacher)
Oliver Reisinger (job coach)

Markus Sansa (social worker)

Cooperation Partners
The project “Zurück in die Zukunft” is in cooperation with
Werkrealschule Hebelschule
The national education authority
The employment center (Argentur für Arbeit)
The city of Kehl
The local social service
Local businesses
And other schools