Project „Farbe bekennen“ (vehicle painter )

Integration, education and training of socially underprivileged youth



As of September 2010 young people that were previously trained in one of our programs and were send to us by the local employment promotion of the Ortenaukreis receive a training in vehicle painting in our workshop.
This training is a regular three-year training including regular trade school attendance. The trainees also receive help in school matters and in their individual situation. They may also receive professional help of our team of social workers.

Financial support through public funds cannot be claimed in Germany.
The project is supported by the Schöck Familien Stiftung, the Lions Club Kehl, Kehl/Strasbourg, the Rotarians of Ortenau, the firm ADA Cosmetics International, the firm Bürstner GmbH as well as private sponsors.

An additional goal is to train apprentices in our workshop on behalf of other firms that either are not able to or do not want to train in their own facilities. As a result of economical pressure and immense instructions hours many firms are unable to hire new apprentices.

The advantages that the firms have when their apprentices are trained in our facilities are:

• Riverside Ortenau e.V. takes over organizational things like procedures concerning the school or the company

• No loss of time or money because of the correction of mistakes during the course of the training

• Targeted training and preparation for the interim examination and the apprenticeship certification exam in the practical as well as the theoretical part.

• The company philosophy of the other company is retained.

After the training the former trainees are going to be available as craftsmen for their original firm.
Our team is consisted of a master vehicle painter, an assistant vehicle painter, a social worker and a teacher. Our 500 square meter workshop, where the project is set, is in Kehl- Augenheim. In addition there is a separate room for schooling.

In addition to the daily routine of vehicle painting, the following areas of work are also taught:

• Vintage car restoration (main focus)

• Workshops in Pinstriping

• Workshops in airbrushing