Project “PerspekTIEFE”

Even though there is a shortage of skilled labor apprentice positions remain vacant for various reasons. Riverside Ortenau looks after adolescents that are seen as not mature enough for a professional training and would not get the chance to complete their education in any other institution. The concept of this project and the work with our team consisting of master craftsman, social worker, occupational schooling and teacher shows success since receiving apprenticeship diplomas and being placed in the job marked for the first time, speaks for itself. We want to even go a step further in extending the array of professional fields to wood, metal and sale.

Our goal is to get the participants an entry- level vocational qualification or rather place them in further training or work.

Adolescence without a Hauptschulabschluss (secondary modern school qualification) will be counseled individually concerning the acquisition of this qualification.

Target Group:

We offer training for adolescents and young adults who are out of work receiving ALG II (unemployment benefit) are under 25 years old and have no professional training or finished school education. Male and female participants are welcome, with and without migratory background.


The goal of this institution is to convey certain basic virtues and competences and as a result of that the personal development of the participants. A foundation will be built on which plans for the future may emerge. These may be further schooling but also entry- level vocational qualification or rather further training or work.

During the search and execution of this part of the program, the participants will be helped by our educational staff.

“PerspekTIEFE” is.

  • The address and motivation of the participants with a low-threshold access to the project (basic module)
  • Purchasing a vehicle that is to be restored in cooperation with the fields of wood, metal and paint and finally is to be sold by the sales team within regular promotions
  • The range of various work fields and the preparation for and the placing in further schooling, entry- level vocational qualifications or further training or work (extended module)

The project is divided in two phases. Entering the project is always possible though.

  • Guided operational work- orientation (a lot of applied work and less theory). Parted in applied and theoretical work (the weekly mentoring time in the fields of wood, metal and paint at Riverside Ortenau is 24 hours a week. The participants alternate between the different fields. The field of sales is mentored twice a week in the morning). If the participants are interested in a practical course in a crafts or retailing such arrangements can be made by us.
  • Placement in an entry- level vocational qualification, further training or work. Support for problems in everyday life. Clarification of and help with schooling- and internal matters.

Milestones of the Project

  • Participants arrive daily and on time
  • After six weeks the participants have had job trials in every one of the fields we offer
  • The participants develop a plan for the future with help of the coaches
  • as many participants as possible complete a practical course training at a local business
  • Successful participants are being placed in an entry- level vocational qualification, further training or work